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The Devil in Miss Jones - DVD
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Sexually frustrated, disillusioned and in her mid-30s, Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) decides suicide is her only escape. Too sinful for Heaven and too chaste for Hell, she's returned to earth where she must rethink her existence. Given a second chance at life, she chooses Hell as her ultimate destination and opts for a life of unbridled lust and sexual depravity!

"It's the best hard-core porno film I've seen..." - Roger Ebert

Frustrated spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring, lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence. But instead of a blissful ascension into the afterlife, she finds herself in limbo. Destined for hell, Miss Jones is offered an opportunity to return to life on earth so that she can truly earn her entrance into eternal damnation. She seizes this second chance by deeply exploring her inner sexual depravity!

Following up his massively successful Deep Throat, director Gerard Damiano unleashed what many regard as the quintessential erotic film. This bold, daring and eye-opening exploration into one woman's sexual dark side exposed the artistic potential of the adult film while maintaining the highest level of eroticism. Remastered, restored and reborn, this erotic masterpiece is given its first-ever definitive presentation by VCX and Raincoat Theater.  

Director Gerard Damiano
Starring Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens, Clair Lumiere, Harry Reems

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The Devil in Miss Jones (1973) is a pornographic film, written, directed and produced by Gerard Damiano and starring Georgina Spelvin.  It is widely regarded as a "classic" adult film, released during the so-called Golden Age of Porn.  Damiano made the film after his 1972 success with Deep Throat.  Along with Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door, the film is associated with the brief period known as Porno chic.  It went on to spawn numerous remakes and sequels.